Alice Driver


The Workshop

I grew up in Oark, Arkansas, a town of 200 in the Ozark Mountains. I will be hosting a Visual Storytelling workshop with Arkansas photographer Liz Sanders from June 10-14, 2022. The pandemic has given us all time to think about the meaning of our work. In existential terms, this workshop is a space to think about why you do creative work and how you can work on projects that feel meaningful. In practical terms, this workshop is organized to provide support to writers and photographers working on long-term projects. We can provide detailed support about pitching work, managing relationships with editors, grant writing, and how to fund personal projects. You can arrive at the workshop with projects in process or plan to work on a project in the wild Ozark Mountains. 

The Location and Details

You can fly into either Little Rock or Fayetteville. Little Rock is a 2 hour drive from Oark and Fayetteville is roughly 1.5 hours. My parents, a potter and a weaver, live on a dirt road. We will have housing available for workshop participants at a house we rent from my cousin. As it is summertime, you could also camp if you want. My parents live on a beautiful river and you can swim daily. We also have an outdoor pizza oven and will eat meals communally. 

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about the workshop, email 

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